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Cardiovascular system
A Circulatory system image – AMA (US)
Cardiovascular Pathology [EC Klatt]
Exterior and Interior Structure of the Heart – Yale-New HavenHospital
Atlas of Perioperative Echocardiography [DA Pybus] – MANBIT Technologies
Echocardiographic Images on the Internet – Robert Wod Johnson Med. School, NJ (US)
A Cardiovascular Media Library – SeeMyHeart/American Soc Echocardiography, and a presentation of Transesophageal Echocardiogram – Mayo Clinic
A Heart Atlas – Frontiers in Bioscience
Cardiac Cycle Animation – Anatimation Technologies
ECG Library [Jenkins and Gerred]
ECG Image index at AE Lindsay ECG Learning Center, Utah (US)
Cardiothoracic Imaging [Jaffe and Lynch] – Yale/School of Medicine (US)
Vascular Anatomy [motion pictures] – The Whole Brain Atlas
Clinical Images at the American College of Cardiology
Intraoperative Videos – NYU Med C./Cardiothoracic Surgery
Heart sounds online – Blaufuss Medical Multimedia (US)
The Video Gallery , and images at CardioThoracic Surgery Network
Clinical Radiology Tutorial Image Sets , and Heart and Mediastinum: Radiologic Images [FS Chew] – Wake Forest Univ.
Coronary Surgery Videos – Science Museum Minnesota (US)
A few Images of troubled hearts , and watch The Heart at Work [animation] – PBS (US)
Some Heart Disease related Videos from HealthCentral Network Inc.
Some Videos and Downloads from CardioThoracic Surgery, Keck School of Medicine, USC (US)
Atlas of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT – Brigham/Harvard
Multimedia Webcast presentations from ECHO-in-Context
The Slide Library at Hypertension Online
Images in Paediatric Cardiology [journal, illustrated] – (MT)
The Surgical Video Library at Heart Surgery Forum
An animated explanation of various treatments of AVM – Toronto Brain Vascular Malformation Study Group (CA)
Figures & Captions accompanying the book The Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System [RM Anderson]
Pictures of Skin Diseases – Hardin MD, Univ of Iowa (US)
Images of Dermatological conditions, alphabetically – Dermis/U of Erlangen/U of Heidelberg (DE)
Clinical Images of the Skin [C Goldberg] – Univ of California/SD (US)
Dermatlas [Cohen and Lehmann] at Johns Hopkins Univ. (US)
Images of Skin Conditions – VisualDxHealth
An Atlas of Common Dermatologic Conditions – WermWeb (CA)
Atlas de Dermatologie [M Heenen; in French] – University Library, Brussels (BE)
A couple of Dermatopathology and Pathology Atlases [free registration required] at the Masaryk Univ, Brno (CZ)
The Dermatology Photo Library at
Pictures of various skin conditions – MediScan (UK)
DermatoWeb [Casanova et al.] – (ES)
A Collection of Movie Lectures at
Dermoscopy images [E Ehrsam]
Atlas of Granulomatous Diseases [Y Rosen]
Nomenclature of Skin Lesions [Williams and Katcher] – Univ of Wisconsin, Dept of Pediatrics (US)
An Atlas of Clinical Dermatology [Veien and Nielsen] – LEO (DK)
Atlas de Dermatologie On Line [M Denguezli] – Societe Tunisienne de Dermatologie
Online Atlas in Dermatology & Rheumatology
Bilder aus Atlas der Hautkrankheiten (1856) [in German] – Dermis/U of Erlangen/U of Heidelberg (DE)
The Moulages museum , a Clinical Atlas , and some color-painted black-and-white photos – BIUM, Paris (FR)
Histological images of the skin [in Swedish; G Sandberg] – Karolinska Institute (SE)
About some Common Skin Conditions with images – Nat’l Skin Centre (SG)
Skin Diseases [with photos] [A Oakley et al.] – DermNet (NZ)
Diagnosis at a glance – Emergency Medicine [journal]
Dermoscopy Atlas/Tutorial [menu to the left –> subpages –> Cases]
STD Clinical Slides [registration required] – CDC (US)
What do the Symptoms of STDs Look Like? – The Body (US)
Collection of STD-related images from The Practitioner’s Handbook, Seattle (US)
Photos of Various (Plastic Surgery) Procedures – Park Ridge Center (US)
Dermatology in Cinema [V Reese] – (US)
Photo Gallery (‘before/after’) of cutaneous laser treatments – CANDELA
Organs of the Endocrine System – The Hormone Foundation
Endocrine-related pictures – McGraw-Hill Comp., Inc, via Kellogg Commun College
Endocrine Patholology images [EC Klatt] – WebPath
Endocrine Histology images – Univ of Delaware (US)
Endocrine Images –
Advanced Imaging of the Diabetic Foot and Its Complications [A Gentili] – UCSD
Images related to the Endocrine System –
A collection of Thyroid Surgery Images and some interesting cases, with photos from the American Thyroid Clinic
Thyroid Status Assessment and Thyroid Gland Examination

– Dalhouise Univ.

Thyroid Imaging .com [G Perrella]
Feldman’s GastroAtlas Online [US Residents only; free registration required]
A Sample Animation of Upper GI Endoscopy – EBSCO/Nucleus Medical Art, Inc.
El Salvador Atlas of Gastrointestinal VideoEndoscopy [JA Murra-Saca]
The DAVE project – MGH (US)
The Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy , including, for example, Images from the colon and ileum , and the duodenum[Martin and Lyons]
A collection of Clinical Abdomen Images [C Goldberg] – UCSD (US)
Gastrointestinal Pathology images – via WebPath
Abdomen , and Colorectal Topics in the Folios Archive [subscription required to download]
Image Library and Endoscopy Picture Archive at Gastrolab [H Björknäs] – (FI)
Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy [Freytag and Kutscha] – (DE)
Gut: The Inner Tube of Life [interactive slide show; free registration required] – Science, Mar 2005
PillCam Capsule Endoscopy Image Atlas – Given Imaging Ltd.
Video clips , and other multimedia material – GastroHep [free, but registration required]
An ERCP Atlas , and an EUS Atlas , and some Gastrointestinal Endosonographic Videos from the Digestive DiseaseCenter, MUSC (US)
Liver and Gallbladder related images – CureZone
A Collection of Endoscopy Photos and Videos at Three Rivers Endoscopy C. (US)
Main Components of the Blood [RJ Noonan]
A Guide to Blood Cell Morphology – CellaVision AB
An Atlas of Hematology – (JP)
An Image Atlas from BloodLine/Carden Jennings Publishing
Lichtman’s Hematology Atlas – AccessMedicine, McGraw-Hill
Sample sections from Atlas of Hematology [Lewandowski and Hellmann] – Gdansk (PL)
Atlas of Hematology [N Medeiros]
Cellular Similarity in Hematology [N Medeiros]
Hämatologi-atlas [A Schneider] – Univ. Essen/Turmorforschung (DE)
A Demo module [Montandon et al.] from HemoSurf/Univ. of Bern
The ASH Image Bank – American Society of Hematology
Hematopathology images – WebPath, Florida State Univ. (US)
Pictures in Hematology (illustrated case studies) – MedNet HELLAS (GR)
Ed’s Basic Histology Gallery [E Friedlander]
Virtual Slide Box of Histology [Dee and Leaven] – Univ of Iowa (US)
Histology Image Bank at UCSD (US)
Blue Histology; Large Images – Univ of Western Australia
Histology Images – AccessMedicine, McGraw-Hill
JayDoc HistoWeb [Wolf and Scarbrough] – KUMC (US)
Histology Tutorial [George & Pawlina] – U of Florida (US).
Histopathology Images – SUNY Downstate Med C./Pathology (US)
A Histology Atlas at Univ of Wisconsin (US)
DeltaBase Histology Atlas
Microanatomy Web Atlas – UTMB (US)
Illustrated (Mammalian) Histology course pages [Wagner and Hossler] including Endocrine Histology images – Univ of Delaware (US)
Anatomy-Histology Tutorials [EC Klatt]
Histology Study Guide [Drake et al.] – Kobiljak Centers, Michigan State U. (US)
Histological images of the skin [in Swedish; G Sandberg] – Karolinska Institute (SE)
Elektronenmikroskopischer Atlas (cells, tissues, organs) im Internet [in German and English; H Jastrow] – J Gutenberg Univ., Mainz (DE)
Histology for Medicine and Dentistry – NUS HistoNet, via Marburg Univ. (DE)
A Gallery of Histological Sections and Cytological Smears [RC Ellis] – Queen Elisabeth Hospital (AU)
An Illustrated Smear Tutorial – (DK)
A collection of Illustrated Case Studies in Histopathology – MedNet, HELLAS (GR)
Histology [JA McNulty] – Loyola University Med C. (US).
Some Images at Immunohistochemistry/NIH (US)
The Cerebral Hemispheres – Psychology: An Introduction [Morris and Maisto], Prentice Hall Inc.
An Introduction to Neuropathology [N Peress] – SUNY, Stony Brook (US)
A Neuropathology Image Atlas and a Neurology Image Library – Internet Stroke Center, Washington Univ., St Louis (US)
Ischemic Stroke – Univ of Iowa, Neuroradiology (US)
The Whole Brain Atlas [Johnson and Becker] – BWH, Harvard Medical School (US).
BrainMaps .org [different species] – UC Regents Davis
Functional areas of the human brain – Encyclopedia Britannica
Functional areas of the human brain – Univ Hospitals, Cleveland/Epilepsy
A Brain S.P.E.C.T. gallery and Brain S.P.E.C.T. Atlas – BrainPlace/Amen Clinics, Inc.
Images of Major Sulci [J Culham] – Univ of W Ontario (CA)
Some Gross Photos and Images in Neuroanatomy [FH Willard] – Univ. of New England (US)
Brain Atlas Images – Univ. of Arkansas/Med Sci (US)
Atlases of the Brain – Univ. of Utah (US)
Digital Anatomist: Interactive Brain Atlas , and Neuroanatmy Interactive Syllabus [Sundsten and Mulligan] – U of Washington
Salamon’s Neuroanatomy and Neurovasculature Web-Atlas – RadNet/UCLA (US)
Laboratory of Neuro Imaging – UCLA (US)
A collection of Atlases in Neuroscience – Medi-Fax (CA)
The Neuroradiology Library – Univ of Iowa (US)
The Synapse Web (3D ultrastructure of the brain) [KM Harris et al.]
An Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology [J Spacek]
Muscle & Nerve: Pathology and Illustration Index – Washington Univ., St. Louis (US)
Neuroanatomy Lab & Review material [Sodicoff et al.] – Temple Univ. (US)
An Interactive Online Guide to the Neurological Examination (incl video demonstrations) [H Blumenfeld]
Braininfo Atlas – U of Washington/Seattle (US)
An Image gallery at
Classical (Pavlovian) Conditioning , and the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle , illustrated – BrainViews
Psychiatry Video Links [educ.] – Yale (US)
Identification of (Illegal) Drugs –
Web Path [EC Klatt] – Univ of Utah (US)
Images and text of various Pathological Processes and Diseases from Path Web – U of Connecticut/Pathology (US)
Pathology Images , and some more by E Uthman
Developmental and Genetic Diseases [with images] – Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (CH)
Pathology Image Set at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine/Pathology
Pathology Gallery [compiled by E Lulo] and D Laporte‘s Pathology ‘Museum’ – Spartan HSU
Pathology Document Index – Middlesex Hosp. Trust (UK)
The Urbana Atlas of Pathology – College of Medicine, University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana (US).
Educational Laboratory Pathology Cases – IPLAB.NET
Image collection for a course in General Pathology at School of Optometry, Indiana Univ. (US)
Zytopathologie-Kurs (Cytopathology course) [K Glatz-Krieger] – Institut Pathologie, Basel (CH)
A Cytopathology online tutorial, with an image atlas – Johns Hopkins/Dept of Pathology (US)
An Introduction to Neuropathology [N Peress] – SUNY, Stony Brook (US).
Basic Medical Pathology [11 learning multimedia modules] – Univ of Alabama (US)
Pathology Cases – U of Pittsburgh (US)
Indice de las imagenes del Curso ‘Anatomia Patologica’ – (CL)
Museum of Human Disease including a set of Interactive Images/Cases of Disease [G Velan] – Univ. of New South Wales (AU)
About Firearms Injuries [EC Klatt]
Crime Scene Investigatior Net – (US)
Correlapaedia: a Correlative Encyclopedia of Pediatric Imaging, Surgery, and Pathology , and a MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology: Imaging Appearances of Common Pediatric Diseases [D and M D’Alessando] – Virtual Pediatric Hospital
Images in Paediatric Cardiology [journal, illustrated] – (MT)
Photos from Medical Genetics, 2nd ed. by Jorde et al.
Images in Neonatology – NeoPix
Pediatric Imaging Teaching Files from
Image bank – Pediatric Surgery at Brown (Medical School) (US)
A Pediatric Picture Atlas for Parents – Rainbow Pediatrics
Pediatric Dentistry Clinical Photos – Creighton U.
An Image Searching tutorial [D Kilbey] – TASI/Intute (UK)
A list of Image Search Engines – Fagan Finder
Search for Images and Videos at Google
Search for Images and Videos via Yahoo
Search for Science and Technology related Videos at YouTube
Clinical Skills Online – St George’s Univ , London (UK)
Search for Images via Baidu (CN)
Search for Images and Videos via AllTheWeb
Search Medical Images at the Trip Database service (UK)
Images Online [at a price] – British Library collections (UK)
Search for Moving Images at BUFVC (UK)
Visual Dictionary Online/Human being – Merriam-Webster
Search Photoshare
Picture Finder – Ditto.Com
A Collection of Clinical Images [C Goldberg] – Univ of California/SD (US)
The Connecticut Tutorials (Videos) – UConn Health Center
The HON Media repository [of medical images and videos] – Health On the Net Foundation
Wikimedia Commons/Medicine
A Medical Multimedia Database at the Univ of Virginia Health System
Featured Images in Clinical Medicine – NEJM
Biomed Search (images from biomedical articles) [A Ksikis] – Univ of Cambridge (UK)
Health Education Assets Library (free videos, interactive tutorials, …) –
Search for Medical Images – via FindLaw
The Online Encyclopedia of Medical Images [subscription required] – images.MD
The Image Library at Better Health (AU)
A collection of Medical Photos – Medizin.(CH)
Videos im Medizin – timms/Univ. Tuebingen (DE)
The Medical Graphics and Imaging Group at University College London (UK)
Multimedia resources – Merck Manual, 2nd Home Edition
D. Kunkel’s Image Collection [registration required] – Hawaii
An interactive Consumer Medical Atlas from the Nebraska Medical Center
Multimedia presentations from Medical Rounds
Health and Medicine videos – Univ of California Television
Medicine videos and images at ScienceDaily
eBriefings from the New York Acad Sci (US)
Some Video presentations from the Univ of Arizona/Health Science Center (US)
The Video Library at
Watch Medicine/Health related TV transmissions at UWTV (US)
MedPix: Radiology Images – Uniformed Services University (US)
Medical Pictures / Disease Pictures , and ondisplay , hosted by Hardin MetaDirectory, Univ of Iowa (US)
Medical Image Collection at AccessMedicine, McGraw-Hill
Developmental and Genetic Diseases [with images] – Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (CH)
3D Medical Animations – Merck Source
A Color Atlas of Medical Diseases – eCureMe
Health/Medical related Images [W Krutein] – PhotoVault (US)
Medical Image Gallery [S Camazine]
PhotoShare – INFO (US)
Images from the Frank H Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations [license based] – Teterboro, NJ (US)
A collection of Medical illustrations [for patients] – CHC Medical Library. WI (US)
Illustrated Educational Resources at the Spencer S Eccles Library, Utah (US)
Biomedical Images from the Wellcome Trust (UK)
Medical Photos (from Nigeria) at Thacher’s Web Site
Public Health Image Library [using Java applets] at CDC (US)
A number of Interactive Health Tutorials [patient educaton; requires Flash plugin (download link provided)] – NLM (US)
Physical Exam/Interviewing Videos – Univ of Virginia Health System (US)
Health Animations from the Univ of Texas, Medical Branch (US)
A Medical Animation Library and some Health Videos at
The NIH Video Casting resource – (US)
The Health Library Online Video Collection at Stanford Health Library (US)
PhotoRounds – MDChoice
MediScan , an online medical image library (UK)
Videos from WebMD (some of them requiring membership)
Bibliothèque d’images médicales [links] – Biblio Med AF Lemanissier (FR)
Keyword search for Images and Graphics in publications by Krause & Pachernegg [in German] – (AT)
Multimedia Projects at the Health Science Campus, Univ of Toledo, OH (US)
A.D.A.M. and an index of their collection of Pictures and Images – via
Pictures and Images via
The Medical Illustration Source Book from the Association of Medical Illustrators ,
The Institute of Medical Illustrators
Human Anatomy models etc. – Einsteins-Emporium
Medical Indexed Visuals [fee based]
Samples of 3D Animations from Nucleus Medical Art, and a Collection of Medical Animations via EBSCO Smart imagebase
Archived Cool Health Images at The Why Files
Scientific/Medical/Health Illustrations and Stock Images etc. – Russell Kightley Medica (AU)
Custom Medical Stock Photo – Chicago (US)
The Art of Healing – The C Everett Koop Institute
Health Communication Materials Network – Media/Materials Clearinghouse
A Photo Gallery of Famous Chemists [LJ Park] and of Famous Physicists [H Nelson]
Films for the Humanities and Sciences –
(Cinema) Movie Titles containing the word ‘ doctor ‘ or ‘ medicine ‘ – Internet Movie Database
Fanlight Productions [a collection from the New Yorker]
Anatomy and Orthopedics
Historical Anatomies on the Web – NLM, History of Medicine Div (US)
Images from Vesalius’ De Humanis Corporis Fabrica (1543, 1555) – NorthWestern Univ. (US)
Illustrations from the 1918 edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body – Bartleby.Com
Anatomical Plates – Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Toronto (CA)
Anatomical illustrations – Southern California Orthopedic Institute (US)
Gross Anatomy Atlas Images – Med School/U of Michigan (US)
SPL/NSL Anatomy Browser – MIT AI Lab. (US)
Anatomy Dissection Videos – Univ of Wisconsin (US)
A side view of a Human Skeleton – Rolin Graphics/AMA-ASSN (US)
Electronic Anatomy Museum [A Gopalakrishnakone] – Nat’l Univ of Singapore
Instant Anatomy [A & RH Whitaker]
Images in Anatomy and Physiology – Centre for Bioscience, Univ of Leeds (UK)
Pictures in Rheumatology – MedNet, HELLAS (GR)
The Image Archive at Chiro.Org [registration required]
Primal Pictures (interactive 3D images; fee based) – (UK) and a free online trial
A collection of GIF images of body organs [The Sourcebook of Medical Illustration, 1989] – via Univ Of Minnesota (US)
The eSkeletons Project [Kappelman et al.] – Univ of Texas/Austin (US)
Images from Mascagni’s Anatomica Universa [1823-32] – via Hardin Library, Univ of Iowa (US)
Revealing Bodies [exhibition] – Exploratorium (US)
Morbid Anatomy Library – via Flickr
Gross Brain Anatomy Images from University of Arkansas (US)
The Visual Body – ADAM/Merck Source
Anatomical Drawings from the Merck Manual, 2nd Home Edition
Gross Anatomy material [some of it password protected] from Upstate Medical Univ. (US)
The Digital Anatomist Program – Washington University, Seattle (US).
The collection of Clinical/Surgical Folios at Vesalius.Com [free to view, subscription to download]
A collection of Anatomy related images at General Surgery Practice of Northern New Jersey
The Image Library at
Radiology Online Teaching Material – University of Washington (US)
Images of Orthopedic Conditions – Hospital for Special Surgery/MedNet
Hip Replacement and Knee Restoration Surgery (Carticel implantation) – two archived WebCasts from St. Francis Hospitals, IN (US)
Orthopaedic Hardware [ML Richardson] – Univ of Washington/Radiology (US)
Some Animated Othopedic Treatments and Procedures – Twin City Orthopedics (US)
The Picture Gallery at WorldOrtho
Skeletal Trauma Radiology [text and images; Kuntz et al.] – Univ of Virginia (US)
Visible Human Cross Sections , and the Bone Box – Loyola University Medical Education Network (US).
An illustration of the Brain’s Blood Supply – U of Wisconsin (US)
An illustration of some important areas of the brain – Leslie Laurien/AMA-ASSN (US)
Salamon’s Neuroanatomy and Neurovasculature Web-Atlas – RadNet/UCLA (US)
3-D Brain Anatomy [Shockwave plugin required] – PBS
DTI (diffusion tensor imaging) atlas (of brain white matter) [Hermoye et al.] – (BE)+(US)
Educational animations of different types of brain injury and neuroanatomy – Centre for Neuro Skills
Image gallery at BWH/Harvard Medical School (US)
Interactive Spine [Macromedia FLASH required] – OrthoSpine
A Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (lumbar fusion) Webcast [C Branch]
The Global Spinal Cord , and the Global Brainstem Projects – U.W. Medical School (US)
The Anatomical Waxes by Clementi Susini – (IT)
Anatomical drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci
Radiologic Anatomy – Albert Szent-Györgyi Med Univ, Szeged (HU)
A collection of Anatomy Modules from the Univ of Washington, School of Medicine (US)
Video clips (for patients) – UW/Orthpaedics and Sports Medicine (US)
Visible Embryo Project
Animations from the Human Developmental Anatomy Center, US Nat’l Museum of Health and Medicine
A collection of Visuals from the Society for Developmental Biology
The Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo – Univ of Michigan
(Mammalian) Embryo Images – Univ of N Carolina/Chapel Hill
Embryology [M Hill] at UNSW, School of Anatomy (AU)
Human Embryology [W Larsen]
Anatomy of the Hand [C Eaton] – e-Hand
Anatomy of the Foot – Dr Foot
Clinical images of the Upper and Lower Extremities [C Goldberg] – Univ of California/SD (US)
Musculoskeletal Exam Videos – Hospital for Special Surgery, N.Y. (US)
Musculoskeletal Imaging Teaching Files – (US)
An Upper , and Lower Extremity Muscle Atlas [Richardson, Teitze, Graney] – U of Washington
Interactive Atlas of Signs in Musculoskeletal Radiology , and of Arthritides of the Foot [Gentili et al.]
HyperMuscle: Muscles in Action [multimedia] – University of Michigan (US).
Orthopaedic Surgery Animations [TJ Haverbush]
Surgical Anatomy of the Gracilis Muscle [M Seccia] – Univ of Pisa (IT)
The Visible Human Project
The Visible Human Project , and a list of applications – NLM (US)
AnatLine – NLM
Visible Human Cross Sections – Stritch School of Med., Loyola Univ. (US)
About The Visible Human Explorer – University of Maryland (US).
Animating the Visible Human Data Set – VIZLAB/Rutgers Univ. (US)
Center for Human Simulation – UCHSC, Denver (US)
Professor Röntgen meets the Virtual Body – Hamburg (DE)
Dentistry and Oral Health
Google image search: Dentistry
An Illustration of the mouth/teeth – NCI/SEER (US)
Tooth decay [educ. video; in Swedish] – Karolinska Institute/Odontology (SE)
Some Clinical Case presentations – Dr Galil’s Site, Univ of W Ontario (CA)
Oral (Throat) Photographs [K Kavanagh] – ENTUSA
A Comprehensive Color Photo Atlas of Dentistry [J Dorfman] –
Oral Pathology Review Images – Virginia Commonwealth Univ./School of Dentistry (US)
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology material – USC School of Dentistry (US)
Illustrated Dental Topics [Dunlap and Barker] – via Dental Hygiene Help Site
Picture Gallery of Oral Manifestations of HIV and Dental Care – HIVDENT
Der knöcherne Schädel – Ein Bildwörterbuch – U of Mainz (DE)
Biblioteca de Imagenes – Odontologia Online [in Spanish] – Venezuela
A collection of Endodontical cases with images [Boveda et al.]
Pediatric Dentistry Clinical Photos – Creighton U.
Video News Releases and some Animations and Games, for children from the American Dental Association
Some Endodontic Microscope Pictures [SK Bentkover] – Univ. of Illinois (US)
Floor of Mouth/Oral Cavity images [ Manolidis] – via
Eye, ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) and Respiratory System
Cross-sectional Anatomy of Head and Neck Region [Visible Human Project material] – via Stritch School of Med./Loyola (US)
Diagram of the Eye – NEI/NIH (US)
EyeAtlas – Oculisti Online
The Image Library [P Scanlon] at Cheltenham Gen Hosp. (UK)
Clinical Images of the Eye [C Goldberg] – Univ of California/SD (US)
RED (recognizing eye diseases) Atlas
Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology – N.Y. Eye & Ear Infirmary (US)
The Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library at SS Eccles Health Sci Library, Univ of Utah (US)
Atlas of Ophthalmology [Machemer and Michelson] – Online Journals of Ophthalmology
Search the Ophthalmic Atlas at the Univ of Iowa (US)
Photos, Images and Videos from the US Nat’l Eye Institute
Vision disorder simulations – Schepens Eye Research Institute
The David G. Cogan Ophthalmic Pathology Collection from the US Nat’l Eye Institute
Giessener Ophthalmologischer Bildatlas – Justus-Liebig Universität (DE)
Two Minute Eye Exam (Video) [Verdick and Sutphin] – MedRounds, via Google
Atlas of Ophthalmology –
Images of Eye Conditions – Eye Mac
The Eye Pathologist [registration required] – Duke Univ. (US)
Eye Disease Simulations – NEI/NIH (US)
Eye Diseases and Disorders – an illustrated encyclopedia – StLukes Eye
Ophthalmology Illustrations –
Ophthalmic Pathology, with images and a Medical Student Case Study Workbook , with photos – Univ of Wisconsin/Eye Clinics (US)
Diagnostic procedure slides, Part I and Part II [HD Riley] – School of Optometry, Indiana Univ. (US)
Photos from a Vitrectomy [WD Leahy Jr.]
A few images [DK Henry] – Ophthalmic Photography
EyeSpaceMD: The Global Classroom [membership required to view all images]
Augenheilkunde im Internet [in German; J Faulborn] – (AT)
Success in MRCOphth , including videos & images in ophthalmology [CN Chua] – (UK)
Ophthalmic Pathology Archive – John A. Moran Eye Center, Univ. of Utah (US)
Ultrasound biomicroscopy of the Eye [CJ Pavlin]
WebVision – The Organization of the Vertebrate Retina – Univ of Utah (US)
3D vision images [R Cooper]
Temporal Bone Anatomy [K Kavanagh]
Pathology/Radiology Images in Otolaryngology [links] – Baylor College of Medicine (US)
Laryngeal Photos and Videos in Voice Medicine [JP Thomas]
Pictures in Otolaryngology – Otolaryngology Houston (US)
Medical Videos (in Otolaryngology) – Mann ENT Clinic
Anatomy of a Rhinoplasty [A Sclafani; patient education] – NYEE (US)
ENT Videos & Photographs , and some Surgery Videos [K Kavanagh] from Ear, Nose & Throat – U.S.A.
Video Otoscopy [RC Sullivan]
Animations of Processes Within the Ear [QuickTime movie clips] – Univ of Wisconsin/Neurophys. (US)
Inner Ear Anatomy – WUSTL (US)
View of Vocal Plicae [Keilmann and Jastrow] – Clinical Anatomy/Univ of Mainz (DE)
Disorders of the Larynx – via
Lung Anatomy illustrations [A Whitaker] – Instant Anatomy (UK)
Röntgenbilder, Sammlung Lunge (X-ray images of the lung) – Die Lunge im Netz (DE)
An Interactive Atlas of Thoracic Viscera – Univ of Washington (US)
Atlas of Digital and Quantitative Bronchoscopy – Univ of Iowa/Radiology (US)
Laboratory Dissection of the Pleural Cavities [demo module; Romrell et al.] – via Integrated Medical Curriculum
Text and Images of Tuberculosis – WebPath, Utah (US)
Images of Lungs – Lung USA
Pulmonary Pathology Images [EC Klatt]
Diseases of the Lung – Univ of Connecticut/Pathol (US)
Lung Pathology, Micro – Tulane Univ. (US)
Gynecology & Obstetrics
Female Genital Tract Pathology [EC Klatt]
Human Sexuality Image Bank – McGraw-Hill
Endometriosis Multimedia Gallery – Georgia Reproductive Specialists
Images of Endometriosis and Other Gynecologic Conditions – Fertility Institute of the Mid-South (US)
The Image Library at OBGYN.Net [free registration required for special features]
Atlas de imagenes de Ginecologia y Obstetricia [in Spanish] – S.E.G.O. (ES)
What Do the Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Look Like? [R Sowadsky] – Nevada State Health Div. (US)
An STI Slide Gallery from Health Canada
Women’s Diagnostic Imaging Teaching Files – (US)
Digital Atlas of Gynecologic Pathology [M Singh] – Univ of Colorado (US)
A collection of Images of the Pelvic Floor –
The Video Gallery at the Laparoscopic Urogynecology Center of Atlanta (US)
Image collection at Thomas jefferson Univ Hosp/Fibroid Center (US)
Coloscopy: from the examiner’s perspective and the patient’s perspective – OncoLink
A Picture atlas of Aided and Unaided Visual Inspection of the Cervix [S Nazeer] – Geneva Foundation for Med Educ and Research (CH)
An Image Database of Human Reproductive Biology –
Visible Embryo development [0-24 post ovulatory weeks]
Human Embryology [W Larsen]
Microbiology, Infectious Diseases
Protist Image Data [O’Kelly and Littlejohn] – Univ of Montreal (CA)
Images of Life – Univ of Aberdeen (UK)
Educational Graphics Gallery [genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, …] – Access Excellence
DNA, DNA-Protein complexes & Viruses – Electron Micrograph Library, U of Wisconsin
Images and Movies at the Tree of Life [D & W Maddison, et al] – University of Arizona (US)
An Illustrated Glossary at Palaeos: The Trace of Life on Earth
A Biochemical Molecules Collection – Reciprocal Net (US)
Images from the NanoWorld – (AU)
Microbiology and Immunology On-line , a free textbook with illustrations from the Univ. of South Carolina (US)
Cell Biology animations – Frontiers in Bioscience
An Image and Video Library, and a collection of Online Lectures in Biomedicine – American Soc Cell Biology
The Image Library (‘Dolly’ etc.) at the Roslin Institute (UK)
CELLS alive! [JA Sullivan]
Medical Microbiology textbook [S Baron] – UTMB (US)
The Immune System, with a few Illustrations [P Bugl] – Univ of Hartford (US)
Photos of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases – Immunization Action Coalition
Medical Microbiology including a Photo Gallery of Bacterial Pathogens [N Chamberlain] – Kirksville Coll. (US)
Illustrated pages on various Cell Biology Topics – Univ of Arkansas (US)
An Image Gallery at Invitrogen Corp.
Medical Mycology image library [J Weber] – Univ of Wisconsin Madison (US)
The Photo Gallery at Mycology Online – Adelaide (AU)
Fungus and Actinomycete Gallery – Chiba Univ. (JP)
Some Images from the Fifth Kingdom (Fungi) [B Kendrick]
Images of Fungi – Oregon State Univ.
Mycology Image Gallery – Mount Sinai Hosp./MicroWeb (CA)
Photo Gallery at Molecular Expressions (UK)
Microbiology Video Library at Univ of Leicester (UK)
Infectious Disease Images [free registration required] – PartnerS (US)
About the Scientific Image Bank at Institut Pasteur (FR)
The Image Library and Video Library at WHO, Tropical Disease Research
Atlas of Medical Parasitology – Univ. of Torino (IT)
Pests and Diseases Image Library at PaDIL (AU)
Parasite Images – Chiang Mai Univ (TH)
250 Parasite and Worm Images – CureZone
Parasitology Images [TP Bucklew] – California Univ of Pennsylvania
The Wall Charts of Rudolph Leuckart (1822-98) [parasitology] – Marine Biological Lab., MA (US)
Parasitology Images from U of Delaware/Diagnostic Parasitology (US)
Photo collection from the Dept of Medical Entomology, Sydney (AU)
Virus Picture Gallery – ICTV
The T-number Index of Viruses at VIPERdb, Scripps Research Institute
The Big Picture Book of Viruses – Garry Lab., Tulane (US)
Virus Ultrastructure [L Stannard] – Univ. of Cape Town (ZA)
Visualizations of Viruses – U of Wisconsin/Inst Mol Virology
AIDS Pathology [EC Klatt]
BIODIC – a gallery of ultrastructure images [L De Vos] – Brussels (BE)
Oncology (Cancer)
A Tumor Atlas – Frontiers in Bioscience
Pathol. notes and images of Benign and Malignant Tumors – PathWeb/Univ of Connecticut (US)
Pictures of Cancer – MediScan (UK)
The Kyushu Gastrointestinal Medical Image Database – (JP)
Diagnostic Histopathology of Soft Tissue Tumors – Eur School Pathol, Turin 1998 (IT)
The PDQ summaries (for patients), with illustrations – US Nat’l Cancer Institute
Cancer Pathology images, and Image Archive Resources – via US Nat’l Cancer Institute
A collection of Cancer Pictures hosted on Hardin MD, Iowa (US)
The video library at MUSC/Hollings Cancer Center (US)
A histological Atlas of Neuro-Oncology [free for health professionals; registration required] – ANOCEF (FR)
Bone Tumor information, with some pictures –
Bone Tumor related Images – Washington Musculoskeletal Tumor Center (US)
The Cancer Image Reference Database – Nat’l Kyushu Cancer Center (JP)
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology [J-L Huret] – Poitiers Hospital (FR)
Cancer Caught on Video – Public Broadcasting Service, Virginia (US)
Brain Tumor images – Neuroradiology, Univ of Iowa (US)
Video presentations of brain tumor issues – via
Skin Cancer Images [J Melton] – Cosmetic Surgery, Chicago (US)
Skin Cancer and Benign Tumor Image Atlas – Loyola Univ., Chicago (US)
Pictures of Leukemia – MediScan (UK)
Eye Cancer Images from Eyecancer Network
Larynx Cancer , images and a video – Tobacco Facts
Brochoscopy in a Patient with Lung Cancer [K Kavanach]
FDG-PET/CT in Lung Cancer – Harvard Medical School/Nuclear medicin
Pictures of Breast Cancer –
A Digital Atlas of Breast Pathology [M Singh] – Univ of Colorado (US)
Links to Breast Imaging Resources – via Imaginis
Images of Cancer of the Breast and Renal Cell Carcinoma [D LaPorte]
Images of Testicular Cancer – The Testicular Cancer Resource Center/ACOR
Images of Testicular Tumors – Frontiers in Bioscience
An Art Gallery at Breast Cancer Answers
Radiology/-graphy, Nuclear Medicine & Ultrasonography
Yottalook [a radiology search engine]
Searching for Radiology Images – GoldMiner, AARS
Clinical MRI Images from JP Hornak’s Basics of MRI
Fetal MRI Atlas – Beth Israel Deaconess med C./Harvard
Lieberman’s Classic Collection in Radiology – Harvard (US)
MRI Anatomy Atlas – Indiana Univ., School of Medicine (US)
Radiology images at MedPix, Uniformed Services Univ. (US)
A collection of Radiology items at Flickr
Radiology Center [annotated links] – Martindale Health Science Guide
The Image Gallery at RadiologyInfo
Teaching files/cases – Univ Hospitals Cleveland/Dept of Radiology (US) [teaching files]
Radiology Education [links to authoritative resources collected by MP D’Alessandro]
MRI Teaching File [R Ballinger]
Radiology Teaching Files from Wayne State Univ. (US)
Radiographic Patterns of Skeletal Disease [D Adcock] – Univ of S Carolina (US)
Image Base [NJ Oldnall] at
Radiologic Anatomy – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Univ. (HU)
Women’s Health: Diagnostic Imaging Samples – uhrad.som
Pediatric Radiology [slides, with images] – Indiana Univ. (US)
Cases in X-ray radiology [AC Downie] – The X-ray Files (UK)
Röntgenbilder, Sammlung Lunge und Traumatologie (X-ray, lung and trauma images) – Die Lunge im Netz (DE)
Interactive Atlas of Signs in Musculoskeletal Radiology [A Gentili] – UCSD
Les Dossiers classe’s selon l’index de radiologie and IconoCERF-Web – Rennes Univ. (FR)
A few demo cases in Radiology/Ultrasonography – UCSF (US)
Case studies in MR-guided therapy – Univ of Minnesota/Radiology (US)
Digital Mammography Home Page – U of South Florida
Nuclear Medicine Cases by Type & Diagnosis – WUSTL (US)
Radiology Image&Text Museum – C Middlesex Hosp Trust,London (UK),
Chest X-ray Atlas – Loyola Univ. Medical Center, Chicago (US)
A sorted collection of X-ray and CT files – via MDChoice
Computed Tomography Library – NetMedicine
Interesting Images/Cases , and Normal and Benign Pathologic Findings in PET/CT – Harvard Medical School/Nuclear Medicine (US)
CT Teaching Files – CT is us
CT Images and Case Studies by Anatomic Region – GE Medical Systems
A Teaching File Database from UCSD Neuroradiology
Neuroradiology Teaching Files from
Radiology Cases (listed by title) from Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Radiology – (US)
Some PET scanner images (small mammals) – Crump Institute/UCLA
My PET [H Alibazuglo]
Diagnostic Ultrasound [G Diaz]
Obstetric Ultrasound , including a picture gallery [J Woo] – (HK)
3d Ultrasound Gallery – BabyView (UK)
3D Pregnancy Ultrasound Pictures via
4D Ultrasound Scan Fetal Video Clips [N Layyous]
Echocardiographic Images on the Internet [D Shindler] – UMD, New Jersey
Case studies in Podiatric (Musculoskeletal) Ultrasonography – PodiatricSonography
Color Doppler Images [D Kannan] – Kerala (IN)
Historical Images: Surgery – Image-of-Surgery
Surgery related Video Clips and Images found by AltaVista, and by Google
DIA-Sammlung Chirurgischer Erkrankungen [P Huber; in German] – (DE)
Surgery Videos – via MedlinePlus
Operational Medicine (videos) – Brookside Associates
YourSurgery .com [fee based]
Surgery videos from Columbia Univ Med C., Dept of Surgery (US)
An archive of Surgery Webcasts at Wake Forest Univ. Baptist (US)
Surgery Health Videos on Demand – UCSF Med Center (US)
StreamOR: free streaming surgical video
A collection of Surgical videos from Univ of Michigan (US)
Some Procedure Animations – Wake Forest Univ.
Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery [LH Cohn] – CTSNet
A Sample Animation of Appendectomy – EBSCO/Nulceus Medical Art, Inc.
Some Animated procedures (for patients) – St Francis Hosp.
Live Surgical Webcasts at OR-Live Inc., including e.g. Minimally Invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty
Shoulder and Knee surgery animations –
Surgical Webcasts from Brigham and Women’s Hosp. (US)
Clinical Tutorials and Image Galleries in Surgery – Surgical-Tutor (UK)
The Surgical Video Library at Heart Surgery Forum
Surgery (Ear-Nose-Throat) Videos – ENT USA
Intraoperative Videos – NYU Med C./Cardiothoracic Surgery
Some Pictures from the USC Div. of Emergency Non-Trauma and Minimally Invasive Surgery (US)
Neurosurgical Image database and videos – Congress of Neurological Surgeons
A collection of Interactive Spine Animations [Shockwave] from Spine-Health.Com
Endoscopic Surgery of the Spine [Huec & Husson] – (FR)
Videos from, via YouTube
Surgical Anatomy of the Gracilis Muscle [M Seccia] – Univ of Pisa (IT)
Tying a Surgeon’s Knot – Univ of Cincinnati (US)
Suturing in some surgical procedures – Pare Surgical, Inc.
Hip Replacement and Carticel Transplant in the Knee – two WebCasts from St. Francis Hospitals, IN (US)
Virtual Hip Resurfacing – Edheads
The Trauma Image Bank – Trauma.Org
A Living Kidney Donor Transplant video – U of Maryland (US)
Videos from the OP room – via Med1 (DE)
Some media clips from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Video Gallery [mpeg] – CardioThoracic Surgery Network
Image bank – Pediatric Surgery at Brown (Medical School) (US)
Intraoperative Videos – Online Institute for CardioThoracic Surgery/NYU School of Medicine (US)
Picture Gallery , and an illustrated presentation of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass – Laparoscopy.Com
Laparoscopic Video, and Picture Gallery – Laparoscopy Hospital. New Delhi (IN)
Some Reconstructive Surgery Case Studies – Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery (US)
Photo Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Results – American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Image Gallery [C Eaton] at e-Hand
Online Atlas of Surgery – Bowman Gray/Wake Forest Med C.
Vesalius – educational anatomy for surgeons [free to view, subscription to download]
Wundversorgung [images; text in German] – Univ. Bern (CH)
Wound Healing, with images – Progressive Surgical Products, N.Y. (US)
Wound Closure Techniques – via ResidentNet
Pictures of Various medical/surgical instruments – Amicus Enterprises
An illustrated Glossary of Anesthesia Terms [browse page by page] – Univ of Michigan/Medical School (US)
The Video Library at APSF
Operating Theatre pictures – MediScan (UK)
A collection of Educational Videos etc. in Surgery – via Cine’-Med, Inc.
An Image of the Male Reproductive Tract
A collection of Clinical Genital/Rectal Images [C Goldberg] – Univ of California/SD (US)
Images of Male Genital System Pathology [EC Klatt]
A Visual Survey of Urologic Pathology [DM Ramnani] – Richmond, Virginia (US)
Representative histopathol. samples of Urothelial Neoplasms – Johns Hopkins/Pathol (US)
Image library at The Virtual Prostate
Images of Testicular Cancer – The Testicular Cancer Resource Center/ACOR
A collection of Images in Urology at Sociedad Argentina de Urologia
Video on Traditional Treatment Options for Enlarged Prostate – HealthCentral
Video clip of da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy – via OR-live
Images from a video presentation of Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy – Johns Hopkins/Urology (US)
Renal Pathology [EC Klatt]
Images from Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney [ed. RW Schrier]
Selected Urogenital related Images from different Web sites – Geneva Foundation for Med Educ and Research (CH)
An Atlas of Renal Pathology – AJKD (US)
A few illustrations of Minimally Invasive Stone Surgery – Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (US)
A collection of Audio-Video Resources at J B Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hopkins
An STI Slide Gallery from Health Canada